Aubrey Marcus Podcast

AMP #214 Allyson & Alex Grey on the Light and Shadow of Art

July 17, 2019

Legendary visionary artist Alex Grey and the beautiful poet and muse Allyson Grey sat down on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast to explore everything that lies in the in-between: The divinity and corruption of religion, the grace and power of symbolism, and the importance of both light and shadow in art. This is a powerful yet lighthearted podcast, with two epic individuals. You can support Alex and Allyson's project Entheon, a visionary art sanctuary here:

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Show Notes

Hieronymus Bosch |

Art Psalms by Alex Grey |

St. Mark’s Basilica |'s_Basilica

Anthony Bossis |

Be Here Now by Ram Dass |

Chavin Culture |

Firewalking by Alex Grey |

Wim Hof |