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AMP #226 Travis Christofferson on Treating Diseases Smarter

October 9, 2019

This is one of the most important podcasts I have ever recorded. Travis Christofferson speaks on how metabolic conditions lay the foundation for many of our disease states.  With better treatment methodologies, and better thinking around the system at large, we can drastically reframe the way we look at our health. Healthcare is a daunting beast, physically, emotionally, and financially--with cancer sitting at the helm. In his two books Tripping Over The Truth and Curable Travis reveals actionable strategies for you and your loved ones to not only optimize your likelihood of survival, but reframe the disease paradigm and take greater control of your livelihood. Please share this podcast and Travis’ books  with anyone you know who has ever been touched by cancer or many of the diseases we discuss on the podcast.  Who knows, it might just save someone's life. 

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