Aubrey Marcus Podcast

AMP #254 Dr. Craig Koniver MD Fear & Loneliness Are Pandemics

April 22, 2020

Dr. Craig Koniver MD returns to the AMP at a time when the world is facing unprecedented medical challenges. Of course there is the actual virus, but the Fear pandemic has also overtaken our society, left our collective immune system weakened, and our sense of community in jeopardy. In this podcast we talk about the impact of belief on the immune system through the nocebo effect, the deleterious nature of loneliness, and some steps you can take to fight back. If you feel called to seek Dr. Koniver’s help head to and of course if you are in immediate need of medical attention, please go seek help immediately. So much love to all of our first responders and clinicians working so hard for us during this time.   

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